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Tsakani Silk is regarded as one of the pioneers in the development and promotion of silk products in South Africa.

In 1994 the company privatised the Tsakani government silk project in New Forest on the border of Mpumalanga Province.

Since then Tsakani's trade mark is its exquisite natural products made from both wild and cultivated silk.

The company introduced the first silk filled duvets in South Africa and developed unique range of hand crafted Wild African silk products over the past years.

Today the company is no longer involved with silk farming but focuses on the development and creation of fine quality products using mainly local resources and technology.

Wild African silk is derived from the Gonometa postica wild moth species endemic to the Kalahari regions of Southern Africa. The cocoons are harvested on a sustainable basis de-gummed and processed in South Africa, Namibia and Botswana. The silk is fawn coloured slightly textured with a soft sheen.

Cultivated silk was discovered in China 2000 years ago of which the Mulberry silk of the Bombyx mori is best known.

Today it is cultivated by countries across the world and one of the most sought-after natural fibres. Mulberry silk is yellow to white in colour, soft to the touch, lustrous and drapes beautifully.

2nd place regional winner
for excellence in textile weaving.

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