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Tsakani's range of exquisite silk bedding products and silk filled duvets are made according to South African duvet standards and suited to our climatic conditions.

Three different seasonal weights are available allowing clients to choose the duvet most suited to their needs.

The range includes silk on silk duvets, summer silk quilts, silk pillows, silk blankets, luxurious silk duvet covers, sheets and pillow cases.

Tsakani's silk duvets contain AA grade long fibre mulberry silk floss, the latest technology in silk duvets. The silk fibre is layered and stitched in such a unique way that it will not bunch or move. Tsakani duvets have a life expectancy of 10 -15 years if treated correctly and do not require refurbishing.

Silk duvets are renowned for their lightness and superb thermal qualities. The criss-cross layering of the silk enhances its ventilation and water permeability, creating the feeling of coolness in summer and warmth in winter.

The silk used in our duvets are organically grown and free of harmful chemicals. Insects do not eat silk and dust mite do not live in silk. We can thus assure our clients of a totally allergy free product.

It is important for would be owners of a silk duvet to know that silk duvets should not be used in circumstances requiring frequent cleaning. Cleaning chemicals can harden the silk and destroy its efficacy. Washing of duvets are not recommended.

The traditional method of cleaning a silk duvet is to sun cure or air it a few times a year. This has a purifying effect on the hypo allergic silk floss and under normal circumstances no other cleaning should be required.

If a duvet needs to be cleaned in its entirety professional dry cleaning is recommended.

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